Our service level is very high and a very important pillar in our business process. We are therefore very proud that returns are (almost) non-existent with us. Also, we make every customer as happy as possible and so we always solve it together as best we can. Before each product is sent to us by the manufacturer, a quality check is done. Before we send the bank to the customer we do this again.

If the balcony bench or other products do not meet your expectations then of course you can return it. However, please note that you must pay the return costs yourself and that a 14-day return period applies. Should the product arrive with damage or a defect, we will of course pay the return costs and always look for a solution first. This generally appears to be the best solution.

Return conditions and instructions:

  • You may, however, put the balcony bench or other product together to test how it sits and looks. Do this as soon as possible.
  • You may not first use the balcony bench or other product and later determine to return the bench. This is to eliminate the risks of damage and signs of use.
  • Leave the (cardboard) packages and any bump protectors intact during the consideration period of 14 days. In this way, the best protection is ensured.
  • Pack the parts the same way you found it and place them back in box as they were packed and placed in the original way. In this way, the best protection is ensured. If it does not work or you are not confident; always contact us before returning the product.
  • Make sure you pack included fasteners in such a way that they cannot damage the packaged product. For example, wrap a piece of cardboard around the mounting parts and tape it shut.
You have 14 days after receipt to submit a return request. To do so, please send an email to Please include the order number and reason for return. Please include the order number and reason for return. The insured return of a balcony bench costs €35 within the Netherlands. A small box costs €6.95 to return. View the return costs for other countries here. For other countries, the return costs differ per country. If you would like to return the product yourself, you can also do so at our address in Amsterdam. Please contact us first to schedule an appointment. Once the product is returned we will check the product for any damage and signs of use. If these are not found you will be refunded within 14 days minus the return cost paid by us in advance. If there is damage or a technical defect through no fault of your own, we will return the full amount or exchange the product free of charge.