Wooden Hammock Stand – Genoa – 125 x 94 x 161 cm


Modern style, elegance and reliability. The Genoa hammock stand has all these characteristics and make it the ideal wooden hammock stand. Ideal for rest and relaxation in the comfort of any garden, balcony or roof terrace. This hammock stand is suitable for various hanging egg chairs; including the Gaya Wooden Hanging Egg Chair M which is also available in our shop. The Genoa is a versatile hammock chair stand made of specially selected spruce wood cut into thin slats with precision sawing. The treatment of the wood leaves a nice dark shade and helps withstand rot for up to 10 years. The warranty is therefore no less than 10 years. A manual is provided. Look for the manual under the product tab “Manual’.

  • Height: 161 cm
  • Depth: 125 cm
  • Width: 94 cm
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