Gaya Hanging chair with cushion – M – 100 x 50 x 118 cm


Relax in style on your balcony, roof terrace or in your garden in this spruce hanging chair. The wood is deeply impregnated, so it is suitable for outdoor use. The hanging chair can be hung with or without an optional stand. A ceiling kit is supplied if you order without a stand. Manuals are included. Look for the manuals under the product tab “Manuals’ for a sneak peek.

The weight capacity is 120 kg.

  • Hanging egg height: 118 cm,
  • Hanging egg width: 100 cm,
  • Hanging egg depth (without cushion): 50 cm
  • Hammock stand height: 161 cm
  • Hammock stand depth: 125 cm
  • Hammock stand width: 94 cm
+ Genoa stand
no stand