The Balcony Bench – Review Policy

Reviews are important for both us and our customers and online shop visitors


Version: 1.2
Date: 28-12-2023

Contact Information:

  • Leliestraat 24
  • 3442 BE, Woerden
  • +31615518279

With this review policy, we make it clear what our review policy is and how we combat fake reviews.

  • We obtain our reviews based on email contact after delivering our products. Reviews posted on the website can only be submitted by verified customers who have received a personal review request from us and have actually made a purchase. During the checkout process, online shop visitors have the option to opt out of receiving reviews after purchase by unchecking the review request box.
  • Reviews on our Google My Business account and Facebook page can be directly submitted by customers. We also encourage customers to post reviews here after receiving our products.
  • Reviews on our Instagram story channel are direct copies of reviews mentioned on the channels as mentioned above: webshop, Google My Business, Facebook.
  • We do not impersonate and will never pose as a consumer posting reviews about our own products or services.
  • We do not pay our reviewers, and we never provide them with incentives to write a review.
  • We do not remove negative reviews.
  • We do not engage in liking or having likes placed on social media to promote our online shop and products.
  • We do not link our online shop to another online shop that contains reviews about the respective product or service.