Little space requires smart solutions. We could not find that solution for our typical small and narrow balcony in Amsterdam. That is why we developed this balcony bench with storage, or as we say “Het Balkonbankje”. This robust teak balcony bench provides the ideal solution for owners of small balconies and saves them precious space. This small wooden bench absolutely sits wonderful and just looks great. Due to the robust construction and easy to assemble parts the balcony bench will last years and requires low maintenance. View below how this cute little wooden bench can shine on your balcony as our customers shared their photos with us. As you can see you can easily combine teak with different colors and natural materials.

A Balcony Bench With Storage

The design of the balcony bench with storage is timeless, simple and practical. Below the fully removable seat plenty of storage space is at your disposal. Store stuff like pillows, a warm blanket, planting accessoires and what not. The backrest is placed in such a way that it just feels right and lets you lean back to enjoy the sun. The seat height and depth are just right to create that loungy feel. Because there is minimal space between the slats, rain water won’t enter in average rainy weather while keeping everything inside fresh at the same time.

The balcony bench is made of durable teak that is extremely resistant to the weather due to it’s oily and dense composition. If you leave teak untreated, the beautiful honey-like color will change to a soft platinum gray in roughly 8 to 12 months. This will create a totaly new possibility in combining the balcony bench with other colors, fabrics and natural materials. If you want to maintain the color of the balcony bench then we advise to treat the teak with a high quality hardwood sealer.

The balcony bench with storage comes in two sizes; 85 cm and 100 cm width. Purchasing the Balcony Bench guarantees 2 years of warranty giving you a robust and sustainable teak bench that will last years upon years. Due to its simple and strong construction and high quality the balcony bench is the best investment a small balcony owner can make in terms of balcony furniture. If your wish goes beyond the bench, we offer customization services. Read more about this on the customization page.

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A sustainable proces

Under the strict supervision of a master furniture maker, the FLEGT licensed teak is carefully selected from regulated plantations to be sawn in the eventual parts that will form a strong and sustainable balcony bench. Before packing the bench gets tested by assembling it first and is extensively tested for weaknesses and flaws. Good to know; each bench is provided with 12 stainless steel Allen screws and an Allen key. A digital manual is provided after purchase. As soon as the balcony bench has passed the test it gets packed in a thick cardboard box; ready for transport to your doorstep.

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