Het Balkonbankje
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Limited space calls for smart solutions. That’s why we came up with ‘The Balcony Bench ®.’ This durable and sturdy teak balcony bench with storage of high quality offers the ideal solution if you want to sit comfortably on a narrow or small balcony.

Available in various widths and depths, designed to last and maintain its good looks. Equipped with ample storage space and made from the best sustainable wood for outdoor use.

Make the most of your balcony and also check out our other sustainable balcony furniture, such as the matching balcony hocker with storage or the balcony storage box. With these balcony furniture pieces, you have a footrest, side table, and extra balcony chair all in one.

We’ve already made many balcony owners happy with our balcony furniture. So be sure to read our reviews!

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Balcony Benches

The design of the balcony bench ® is timeless and space-saving. The large storage space under the fully removable seat offers plenty of room for all kinds of balcony utensils. The lack of armrests gives you all the space you need to make it a cosy place to sit. The backrest reclines slightly, making for a relaxing seat.

The price-quality ratio is very good. The balcony bench will last a very long time due to its sturdy construction and high quality and is sustainably produced in Indonesia under a FLEGT license. The teak wood is weather resistant and will always look sleek and does not bend as you often see with other woods over time. It also dries very quickly and does not leave stains. Teak is also easy to treat, for example with a Rubio Monocoat Hybrid Wood Protector that is available in 20 colors and Teak Wonder Teak Sealer.

The classic balcony bench with storage is available in several models. The standard balcony bench is 65 cm deep and available in four widths: 80 cm, 85 cm, 100 cm and 120 cm. The removable seat is 55 cm deep and the seat height is 40 cm. The total heigth is 90 cm

Easy to assemble

Balcony lounge benches

In addition to the standard balcony bench, we also have balcony lounge sofas that have a slightly deeper seat; namely 75 cm. The 120 cm wide balcony lounge bench has an 80 cm deep seat, making it the premium alternative to a pallet bench. In addition to our own lounge bench cushions, there are many cushions available for this. Also, the balcony lounge bench has even more storage space compared to the classic balcony bench

Balcony lounge sets and balcony sets

Are you looking for a teak balcony lounge set or a teak balcony set? Then combine the balcony bench with storage and the balcony hocker with storage and sit prince-like on your balcony with your feet up! The balcony hocker is modular. For example, you can place the balcony hocker in front of and next to the balcony bench to rest your legs on. The beauty of this balcony lounge set is that both the balcony bench and the balcony hocker have ample storage space to store all kinds of balcony stuff. This is how you keep your balcony neat and attractive. By the way, the balcony hocker is also good to use as an extra balcony seat or as a balcony side table. The balcony bench and the balcony hocker together form the ideal balcony lounge set for small or narrow balconies.

Balcony hockers

The balcony hocker with storage is the ideal addition to the balcony bench. It is a balcony side table, footstool, extra balcony chair and an extension to your balcony bench all in one. Place this handy wooden hocker in front of the bench and put your feet on it; voila a balcony lounge bench. Or place it next to it to extend the balcony bench. If you have visitors on your small balcony, you can use the hocker as an extra balcony chair. Or put snacks and drinks on it. The balcony hocker has plenty of storage space under removable flap for all kinds of balcony gear.


The balcony bench is of high quality material and so far I like it very much.
Ruben / Amsterdam
Exactly what we needed and quality, assembly and service is top notch!
Jos / Amsterdam
The Balcony Bench is really ideal for small balconies, gives so much potential to a small balcony. Highly recommended.
Pelle / Rotterdam
Nice and roomy, you can sit on it well and it compensates for unevenness well.
Cornelia / Haarbach
Assembling the balcony bench was very easy and it looks great!
Diana / Berlijn
Assembly of the balcony bench was self-explanatory, fast and easy, the bench is of solid quality.
Helga / Offenburg

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Het Balkonbankje
store rating4.90 / 5
product rating4.88 / 5
329 reviews

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A sustainable process

Under the sharp supervision of the master furniture maker, the wooden parts from the selected teak wood are sawn and prepared into the parts that together will form a sturdy and safe balcony bench. Each copy is assembled and tested extensively. Once the balcony bench has passed the test, the balcony bench is packed properly; ready for transport to the Netherlands. The teakwood is produced under the FLEGT licensing system. If you want to read more about this, we would like to refer you to this page on the site of the EU.