Strong & Durable

Teak balcony furniture that is made to fit is a specialization of “Het Balkonbankje”. Think of a customized wooden balcony bench, a luxurious wooden lounge set for on your roof terrace or, for example, a relaxing wooden lounge bench for a small and narrow balcony.

Having custom balcony furniture made comes in to play when all the other balcony furniture offers no solution.

We were once faced with the same challenge on our small Amsterdam balcony. That is why we had a balcony bench made that perfectly met our needs. With a strong network, top production partners and a vast background in importing teak garden furniture and customization, we can completely service you.
With a strong network and a background in years of import of teak garden furniture and customization, we can completely relieve you; from a clear customized concept drawing to delivery and treatment advice.

Why consider us?

✅ Exactly like you imagined it to be

✅ Made of durable and sustainable teak

✅ Attractive and honest pricing

✅ Years of experience and a solid production network

✅ Top quality from Indonesia and no assembling cost

✅ Combine with other custom made furniture and accessories

3 months delivery time. The waiting time will be rewarded

50% down payment

No right of withdrawal on custom made furniture

Durable & Sustainable

Choosing custom teak balcony furniture guarantees years of quality. The selected teak wood that we process is very durable, so your custom made balcony furniture will last very long. The wood is well dried to minimize wood working and is created by reclaimed teak and plantation teak. A major advantage of teak wood is that it is extremely strong and durable and can therefore take a hit. Teak is very easy to repair and can withstand temperature differences, which reduces the risk of cracking. Due to the high density and oily composition, it can withstand moisture and rot. Covering is therefore not necessary and not advised.

Easy to combine

When your teak custom-made balcony furniture is still untreated, it has a natural matte honey like color. Pastel colors match really well with teak because it doesn’t distract the eye. Kust keep it simple and natural. Because of the beautiful structure and the knots, teak does well in the presence of (other) natural materials such as cotton, other types of wood and metal. Teak wood is a very versatile type of hard wood. If you leave teak untreated, it will change to a cool and soft platinum gray colour in 8 to 12 months. You can then combine with new colors. The contrast will then become larger. For example, think of beautiful dark gray cushions on the platinum gray teak.

High production quality

The custom made balcony furniture producer in Indonesia has been a permanent source of trust and quality for many years. It’s even in the smallest details that make teak furniture reliable for years of enjoyment. Before proceeding to production, a digital design is made and a customized drawing is shared with you. This way we know for sure that after your approval we can proceed with the production of your custom-made balcony furniture.

Low maintenance

As mentioned earlier, teak,wood is extremely durable and sustainable. You can therefore leave your teak balcony furniture outside all year round without any problems. However, never cover it because the furniture cannot breathe. Because wood is a natural product, there will always be phenomena such as small cracks in the wood and discoloration. This does not affect quality; rather on appearance. Teak wood loses its pigment in 8 to 12 months and changes from matte honey to platinum gray. An elegant transition of color which leads to new combination possibilities. If you want to keep the color, you will have to treat the teak with a matte transparent hardwood sealer. You then have to repeat this annually. Read here more about tips to clean teak wood.


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