Strong and durable

Having teak balcony furniture made to measure is our specialization. Think of a custom-made balcony bench, or a luxury lounge set for your roof terrace.

Have balcony furniture made to measure is a good choice if you just can´t find the product you are looking for.

We used to face the same challenge on our small Amsterdam balcony. That is why we produced a custom made balcony bench and eventually developed the bench into what has now become “The Balcony Bench”. With a strong network and a background in years of importing teak garden furniture and producing custom furniture, we can completely unburden you of the whole process; from the custom drawing of your model to treatment advice after delivery.

Why consider us?

✅ Exactly tailored and exactly how you envision it

✅ Made of durable and high-quality teak

✅ Favorable and fair prices

✅ Years of experience and a top network

✅ Top quality from Indonesia and assembled for free

✅ Combine with different furniture and accessories

Delivery time up to 3 months. The wait is rewarded

50% deposit

No right of withdrawal on customization

Strong and durable

With choosing teak garden furniture, you are almost sure that you will enjoy it for years to come. The selected teak that we process is very durable, so your custom furniture will last a long time. It is well dried to minimize wood working effect and is produced by recycled teak and teak from FLEGT licenced plantations. A big advantage of teak is that it is extremely strong and can therefore take a beating of sun, wind and rain. It is very easy to repair and can withstand temperature differences, which reduces the chance of cracks and bending. Due to the high density and oily composition, it can withstand moisture and rot.

Easy to combine

If your teak custom balcony furniture is still untreated, it has a natural matte color which can be beautifully combined with e.g. pastel colors. Above all, keep it simple and natural. Due to the beautiful structure; teak looks great in the presence of (other) natural materials such as cotton, other woods and metal. Teak is simply a very versatile type of wood. If you leave teak untreated, it changes to platinum gray in 8 to 12 months. You can then combine with new colors. The contrast will then increase. Think for example of beautiful dark gray cushions on the light gray teak.

High production quality

Our manufacturer in Indonesia that produces your custom teak balcony furniture has been a permanent source of trust and quality for years. It is the smallest detail that makes teak furniture reliable for years of pleasure. Think of well-dried selected teak and a smart construction that minimizes wood working effect. Before production starts, a digital design is made shared with you. This way we are sure that after your approval we can proceed to the production of your custom balcony furniture with high expectation.

Low maintenance

As mentioned earlier, teak wood is extremely strong and very durable. You can therefore leave your teak balcony furniture outside all year round. However, never cover it because the furniture will not breathe and will therefore attract mill dew. Because wood is a natural product, there will always be phenomena such as small cracks in the wood and discoloration. This does not affect the quality and is a natural process. Teak loses its pigment in 8 to 12 months and changes from matte gold to platinum gray. An elegant transition of color which leads to new combination possibilities. If you want to keep the color, you will have to treat the teak with a high quality teak sealer which we can recommend.

Ordering process


Leave your contact details, share an image or custom drawing and tell us exactly what you want. You can also send us an email at or call or send a whatsapp on +31615518279.