Gaya Hanging chair with cushion – L – 117 x 75 x 136 cm

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Snuggle away in this wooden hanging chair made of deeply impregnated spruce. Can be hung with or without a stand. Should you choose the hanging chair without a holder you will have to purchase a ceiling suspension system yourself. Find out which one you need in relation to the weight of the chair and the type of ceiling. You can hang the hanging chair both indoors and outdoors. The weight capacity is 150 kg. Manuals are included. Look for the manuals under the product tab “Manuals’ for a sneak peek.

  • Hanging egg height: 136 cm
  • Hanging egg width: 117 cm
  • Hanging egg depth: 75 cm.
  • Hammock stand height: 213 cm
  • Hammock stand length / depth: 130 cm
  • Hammock stand width: 111 cm.
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