Wooden flower box with privacy screen. Made from sustainable larch wood. 86 cm x 46 cm. Choose your height: 120, 174, and 231 cm.


Scandinavian Modern Design: This modernist larch wood planter with a privacy screen is commonly used on balconies and terraces. It provides effective shelter against the sun, wind, and prying eyes of neighbors who may be curious.

Larch wood is a harder wood variety compared to pine or spruce. Thanks to its very high tannin content, larch wood is naturally impregnated, resulting in excellent resistance to decay.

The beautiful natural color of larch can be enhanced and preserved by using Rubio Monocoat Hybrid Wood Protector.

Two additional planks are included at no extra cost. One serves as a shelf for placing items (see photo), and the other acts as a seat, allowing the flower box to be used as a bench.

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