Balcony bench – 120 x 65 x 90 cm – 2nd chance through cardboard marks in the wood


You buy a Second Chance product from us at a significant discount, This is good for your wallet and the environment. You also get the same warranty as a new purchase.

This balcony bench has cardboard marks in the wood. Technically and functionally this balcony bench is 100%. Also, this has no further effect on this balcony bench. For this reason, we are giving a generous discount. Should you want to treat it yourself, it can be sanded away and you will have to touch it up again. The Balcony Bench also has two dents in the wood on both sides of the backrest.

If you are interested and would like to see more of the external condition of this balcony bench please contact me at

The 120 cm wide balcony bench with storage is suitable for most balconies. The balcony bench gives you lots of space to chill out alone or just cozy with two to enjoy. The bench also has plenty of storage space.

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