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Do you want to sell and promote affiliate products in the garden furniture, outdoor and interior segment and do you run a blog or a social media channel that can bring The Balcony Bench into contact with the right target audience? chances are that we want to work with you to promote The Balcony Bench as an affiliate product. We offer attractive sales percentages for affiliate partners with a significant reach in the right target group. Think of home deco blogs, interior design blogs and social media channels focussed on home deco and lifestyle. If you want to know more, please contact us by filling out the form.

We are open to all kinds of affiliate constructions such as blog articles, social media posts, stories, Pinterest Pins, video reviews and newsletter campaigns.

We can generate an affiliate link specifically for you with a unique identifier so you can see that the sale runs through your content. This way you can track the performance of the links to our site. You can track all sales in our affiliate dashboard. This allows you to track the links from your media platform.

The Balcony Bench is a unique product of very high quality with high customer satisfaction.

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So if you want to sell a reliable and high quality affiliate product then The Balcony Bench is the ideal choice. Look for more customer photos and videos on our social media channels.

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